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Levent Kalıp works in all of the production activities focused on project management plain production.

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.  “John Ruskin”

Levent Kalıp has constantly developed itself in this conscience and adopted the quality concept in international standards as its business policy.

Levent Kalıp

Machine Parts Manufacturing

We manufacture mechanical parts of various equipments used in Automotive, Textile, Food, some mechanical parts and components of medical equipments, parts needs of mechanical, hydraulic ….

Mold Manufacturing

Our company is able to carry out mold designs and productions by using our technological possibilities in line with demands of our customers in accordance with the requirements of our customers in Automotive, Textile, Food ….

Measurement and Quality Control

Levent Kalıp (LEV-KA) aiming high quality in production and producing precision parts minds measurement through CMM devices and controls manufacturing processes by checking with CMM..

R & D Services

Today, the current or new products of the companies that supply the products have a shorter life span than the previous years. Competition pressure of the global market; New and creative products to be marketed in high quality and fast….

Our Mission

  • Keep Customer Satisfaction at the Highest Level and Ensure its Continuity,
  • To continuously increase the satisfaction of employees,
  • To Have Significant Contribution to Turkish Economy,
  • Fulfilling Responsibilities Against Environment and the Community,
  • Ensuring Partners' Satisfaction,
  • To Secure Its Future.

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Levent Kalıp


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